$150.00 + TAX

Giant 16 ft. X 20 ft. dart board comes with 6 Velcro balls to provide a entire day of fun for all ages. Balls are easily removed with a built in strap that knocks the balls loose and back to the ground.


giant twister

$75.00 + tax

A childhood favorite game now available for all ages. Game is 11’ X 12’ and includes over sized spinner board.

Also makes a great toddler bouncer. The low bumper wall is great for kids who may be to small to enjoy a bounce house without assistance. Parents can easily stand next to this unit and assist their child while playing.


high striker

for kids

$75.00 + tax

Swing the hammer, ring the bell & win a prize. This classic carnival game has been scaled down for elementary age children and is perfect for school carnivals and festivals. Standing only 8 ft. tall game can be set up anywhere.

Includes protective matting for flooring.